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Donna & her team are currently revamping the Ghost Search UK website to make way for the showing of better evidence
alongside the showing of live ghost hunts.
We thank you all for your understanding & patients…but we think the wait will be worth it!
September 2013.

Many people wish to contact Donna about evenings of Clairvoyance & private one to one readings, for those wishing to know more about these please go to:

Our new site is coming soon.  Keep checking back.

Is death the end?
Is there a place we go to when we leave our physical bodies?

Since time began we have dared to ask such questions, yet it seems the modern world has dulled our senses to what may be around us, to answers that stare us in the face and the hope we dare not believe.

Join Donna Harris of Ghost Search UK as she strives to allow those who join her personal evidence that may open your mind up to a world of possibilities…..

Donna’s First Book ‘Dead Weird’
is now available at

Since a very early age Donna has shared her life with ‘invisible people’.
She hears them, sees them and is able to communicate with them.
Dead Weird covers Donna’s early years;
the trials, the laughs and the downright unbelievable that Spirit are often capable of.
Depicted throughout are the personal endeavours she’s had to overcome.
So if you thought being a medium gave you an added advantage…Think again!

The Book is Paperback and priced at £7.99
P&P: £1.20 per issue ordered.

Additional Outlets Will Be Available Soon


I am now able to share the good news with you all… goes.

The Peoples Voice is a BRAND NEW Internet TV & Radio Channel that broadcasts WORLDWIDE.

The TV platform will host many different styles of programs; there will be eight hours of shows from the UK the USA and the world. Such programs will include musicians & music (with famous bands & bands that are up & coming), to health, science, paranormal, youth shows and so much more.

I have been extremely fortunate to have been chosen by Simon Ludgate (TV Director & Producer of many TV programs one of which was Top Gear!) to be Co-Host with Vanessa Mitchell on a two hour live TV show called ‘The Psychic Clinic’.
Our show will discuss any & all subjects that fall under the paranormal umbrella, we’ll have weekly guests that Vanessa & I will meet & greet from all walks of life sharing their knowledge, their wisdom & talking about their experiences…good & bad!
The Psychic Clinic will be transparent, meaning we’ll be open & honest at all times. There will be no clever editing tricks, no deleting of words spoken or points of views that don’t fall in line with the conventional & mainstream way of thinking!!
Why, for two reasons:
1) We believe the TRUTH needs to be for everyone & not the select few no matter your colour, creed or religion. The truth allows us to make up our own minds, knowledge is meant to be shared and it’s the truth that sets us free.
2) We are fed up with mainstream TV having such tight censorship controls over spiritual topics & matters, they appear to want to continuously discredit Mediums, Psychic, Healers & anyone else who feels there is more to heaven & earth than what we currently know!
Internet TV is fast becoming ‘the norm’, the reason being no censorship!
This is good news for us all as at last freedom of speech and an open mind can become acceptable without fear of ridicule!

The Peoples Voice broadcasts live for the very first time on Monday 18th November 2013 &
The Psychic Clinic broadcasts it first live show on Friday 22nd November 2013, 2pm to 4pm.

I will place up a link to The Peoples Voice Trailer as soon as it’s hot off the press (so to speak) alongside The Peoples Voice website where you can read all about the TV Channel, the programmes, the people in front of & behind the camera’s, and of course view all shows.

No doubt The Psychic Clinic will be full of great debates, a sharing of knowledge and it goes without saying many funny moments…it’s one not to be missed.

Now over to you….
Here’s your chance to be part of the channel: email any suggestions you may have, any ideas that would make interesting topics to cover, can you recommend a guest who would love to share their knowledge?
Would you or your pet like to come on the show & have healing?
You could even put your name forward to be a volunteer on the channel, just let us know how you can help & someone will get back to you.
So what are you waiting for email us at

 We look forward to hearing from you soon.